Trial lesson and Membership
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Before booking a trial lesson

If you are a beginner, practice basic writing before booking a trial lesson. It's okay if you cannot read the letters perfectly, but without basic letter learning, you can't get the most out of my lessons.

You can use the followings for your self-learning.
Korean learners:

Japanese learners:

What are the benefits of members?

-Member-only contents will be available for viewing.
-You will be able to change the lesson bookings by yourself.


Is there a membership fee?

There is no membership fee. However, membership is for the person who purchased the lesson and cannot be approved without a booking.

How do I become a member?

1) Book and take a trial lesson.
2) After the trial lesson, please sign in as a member before booking the paid lesson. (Although you can book paid lessons even if you are not a member, I recommend that you become a member if you purchase a package plan because it is easier to manage bookings after the membership's approval.)
3) Membership approval work will be done within 24 hours. After the approval of the membership, a confirmation email will be sent.
4) After logging in, you will be able to use the members-only contents and manage your bookings.

Thank you for your understanding.