Why some Korean words are not pronounced as they are written? 1/3

Updated: Sep 5, 2019


The final consonant sound [ㄱ][ㄷ] or [ㅂ] is pronounces as a [ㅇ][ㄴ] or [ㅁ] sound before the initial consonants [ㄴ] or [ㅁ] in the next syllable.

ㄱ change to [ㅇ] ex:한국말[한궁말], 부엌문[부엉문]

k + n = ng + n

k + m = ng + m

ㄷ change to [ㄴ] ex: 몇명 [면명], 닫는[단는]

t + n = n + n

t + m = n + m

ㅂ change to [ㅁ] ex: 미안합니다[미안함니다], 앞문[암문]

p + n = m + n

p + m = m + m

Review question:

How do you pronouce 감사합니다 ?


한국말? 한궁말?