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Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Learning basic Korean characters are quite easy. (Oh, YES. it is true.) However, it is not all about memorising each character pronunciation. Did you know that 한국말(Korean) is not pronounced as it is written? 한국말 should be pronounced as 한궁말. This is because ㄱ sounds change into ㅇsounds because of the influence of the following ㅁ sounds. Is this something irregular? I hope so, but actually no. There are pronunciation rules, which unconsciously Korean native speakers already know. If you wish you would like to read 한글(Hangeul), you are required to follow the rule, even you are at the beginner level. The good news is these rules are quite reasonable in terms of pronunciations. If you don't know the rules, you will struggle to make the Korean sounds, but if you know the pronunciation rules, you can speak Korean more easily. Good luck!

Korean/Essential Pronunciation Rules, "WIKIBOOKS"

Korean/Advanced Pronunciation Rules, "WIKIBOOKS"

한국어의 음운 규칙, "위키백과"

한국어 음운론, "위키백과"

표준어 규정, "한국어 어문 규법" 국립국어원

한국어 어문 규법 main page 국립국어원

You can learn basic Hangeul letters on this page.