Hi, my name is Silvia. I'm a Japanese and Korean language tutor. I am a Japanese native, lived and studied in South Korea for a long time, providing professional language tutoring and translation services from Sydney to all over the world.

 I offer online private
Skype lessons from beginner to advanced levels.
You can take my language lessons from your home, anywhere in the world. My students live in Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Berlin, Cape Town and more. I am looking forward to talking to you from Sydney. (You can find more about Me.)

Learn Korean or Japanese language with a well-experienced & academic tutor! 

Skype Tutoring

Anywhere in the world

Why Skype lessons?

Save your time.:

Don’t have to waste time going to classes.

Technologies help:

- Use instant messaging for lesson

- Check the spelling or structures

- Review any time after the lesson


- Enjoy real conversation

Save your money:

- Try a  free trial lesson

- No the platform fee

From  $15 (USD) /45 minutes

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What HanaSky Skype offers

  • Japanese Online Skype lesson

  • Korean Online Skype lesson

  • Japanese & Korean Face to Face lesson

  • General conversation lesson

  • Business level language lesson

  • Grammar enhancement

  • Academic writing

  • Language tutorings for specific purposes (Exam preparation, Intensive lessons etc)

Q: Do I have to use a camera for a Skype lesson? I feel weird about using a camera with a PC.

A: Of course not, you don't have to. It is absolutely fine, as far as you sit and talk to me in front of a PC.

hanasky logo with words.png

Hana in Korean 하나 =  One
Hana in Japanese = flower
HanaSky 話すかい = Wanna talk?

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Why with a multilingual tutor?

  • a faster way and efficient way

  • have studied the language in-depth as a second language

  • explain grammar rules more effectively

  • knows all the hardship to get to a high level