Welcome to Japanese and Korean language tutoring HanaSky. You can learn Korean & Japanese from your home anywhere in the world. You can book a free 30-minute trial lesson with me on Skype or Zoom! You don't have to contact me to book it, just pick one from available spots. Then you are all set.

  • Private Lessons

  • Plenty of Materials

  • Custom-tailored lessons

  • Cutting-edge learning applications

  • Generous support

  • Communicative Methods

  • All Levels

  • Package discounts available.

I can help you with:

  •  Understanding Grammar

  • Pronunciation improvements

  • Natural conversation Skill

  • Building vocabulary

  • Listening skill improvements 

From:  $25.5 (AUD) /45 minutes

Package discount is available.

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Free Grammar resources

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Language tutoring for specific purposes (JLPT, IB, HSC etc)
JLPT = Japanese-Language Proficiency Test

Benefits of Skype / Zoom lessons:

Save your time

Don’t have to waste time going to classes.


Technologies help

- Use instant messaging for lesson

- Check the spelling or structures

- Review any time after the lesson

- Easy to share the materials


- Enjoy real conversation

Save your money

- Try a  free trial lesson

- No platform fee

Benefits of learning with a multilingual tutor

  • provide a faster and efficient way 

  • provide linguistic aspects

  • explain grammar in depth

  • understand the hardship

  • responsive supports

Online Learning

Hana in Korean 하나 =  One
Hana in Japanese = flower
HanaSky 話すかい = Wanna talk?

Q: Do I have to use a camera for a Skype lesson? I feel weird about using a camera with a PC.

A: Of course not, you don't have to. It is absolutely fine, as far as you sit and talk to me in front of a PC.