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Hi, My name is Silvia. I'm a Japanese and Korean language tutor based in Sydney, Australia. I am a Japanese native, lived and studied in South Korea for a long time, working as a professional language tutor and translator (More detail). offer online private Skype (and face to face) lessons from beginner to advanced levels.
Learn Korean or Japanese with a well-experienced tutor! Start your tailored course. Your lesson can be exam preparation (JLPT etc), Business or General conversation.

Why Skype lessons?

  • Save your time

  • Technologies help

  • Enjoy natural interaction

  • Save your money

From:  $15.5 (USD) /45 minutes

Package discount is avaialbe.

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Skype Tutoring

What HanaSky offers

  • Korean Skype lesson

  • Japanese Skype lesson

  • Face to face lesson
    (Face to face lessons are not currently available due to the corona-virus lockdown.)

  • Free Trial Lesson (30 minutes)

  • Corporate Language training

  • Language tutoring for specific purposes (JLPT, IB, HSC etc)
    JLPT = 
    Japanese-Language Proficiency Test

Are you studying Japanese or Korean? Taking Japanese Language course at your University? Do you need intensive lessons for your business needs? In the Sydney area, face to face Japanese and Korean tutoring is available. We can do it in libraries in  Inner West, CBD or USYD campus, etc.

From $40 (AUD) / 75 minutes

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Only in Sydney  (not currently available due to the corona-virus lockdown)

Face to Face Tutoring 

Advantages of learning with a multilingual tutor

  • provide faster way and efficient way to learn 

  • have studied the language in-depth as a second language

  • can explain grammar rules more effectively

  • went through all the hardship to get to a high level

  • explain what students need

Did you find your lesson type?

Online (Skype) Lesson

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Hana in Korean 하나 =  One
Hana in Japanese = flower
HanaSky 話すかい = Wanna talk?

Q: Do I have to use a camera for a Skype lesson? I feel weird about using a camera with a PC.

A: Of course not, you don't have to. It is absolutely fine, as far as you sit and talk to me in front of a PC.